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BAI Converter

BAI Converter takes your BAI files and converts them to a host settlement file complete with any fee charges and G/L offset records.

By providing you with account and BAI code maintenance capabilities, BAI Converter gives you a fast and efficient method of posting external transactions, while eliminating data entry errors.

A detailed report is generated for each converted file, and the files are archived for historical purposes. Fees can be charged and posted directly or put in addenda format for your accounts that are on analysis.

BAI Converter is the quick and easy method for handling all your BAI files.

    Key Features:
  • Imports BAI files from any source such as Wells Fargo, US Bank and others.
  • Fee calculation per transaction code.
  • Analysis fee addendas available.
  • Creates offsets to G/L accounts automatically.
    Key Benefits:
  • Cost effective by reducing user and staff time.
  • Time savings from manual data entry and possible errors.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing quick turnaround.
  • Quick and easy setup. Easy to learn. Easy to administer.