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Custom Applications

Spending too much time with repetative tasks or collaberating data for reports? We can automate most any process to your specifications, quickly and cost effective. Call us for a free consultation.

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DI Fedwire

1-entry handles the whole wire transaction. DI Fedwire typically saves 50% in staff time over manual processing. Enter wires locally or at branches, then review, verify and submit from your wire department.

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MICRPlus Official Checks

Produce all of your MICR documents on-site. From Cashier checks to MICR forms to personal and business checks.

MICRPlus requires no special equipment to operate and print. Eliminate the cost of warehousing and volume printing.

Cohesion Office Automation

Cohesion is powerful document management software that electronically captures, stores, and organizes documents and business information, thus enabling immediate and reliable access to critical information right when it's needed.