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DI Fedwire™

DI Fedwire wire management system saves time and money while satisfying compliancy in your wire department. Datarim's product accepts Fedline terminal data and other sources, then automatically generates OFAC results, customer notifications, wire fees as well as host settlement files. Fulfill compliancy requests with fast access to archived wires through our extensive selection of reports. Fax or email wire notices to customers then upload the day's wire settlement, complete with wire fees and G/L offsets, to your host.

    Key Features:
  • Fax, email or print notices automatically in many styles and formats.
  • Variety of reports are available from daily report logs to wire range reports.
  • Easy customization allows you to streamline your wire operations.
  • Memo post wires, charge fees and customize accounts.
  • Entry module creates wires from branches or imported from online banking.
    Key Benefits:
  • Reduces overall cost of wires through time savings.
  • Increases customer service by providing quick, automated notices to your customers.
  • Compliancy requests are handled quickly from the extensive list of reports.

DI Fedwire can be used on multiple workstations throughout a branch without additional cost. DI Fedwire has an extensive list of options to allow you to customize the program to your institution's needs. Need a feature, just ask.

DI Fedwire eliminates the repetition and the errors while gaining customer satisfaction.

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